Half Swedish, half Lebanese, Nathalie Ballout was born and raised in Dubai before coming to London to follow her passion for art and design. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015  before deciding to work on her second collection, debuting in March 2016. 

"The fashion industry influences almost every individual in the world, directly or indirectly. I think that promoting diversity and independence in my work is important because otherwise I would remain in the compliance and consistency of the "fast fashion". Diversity and independence make me create things new. I will not let myself be influenced by all these fashion currents that spin and parade. We are in a world where we wear uniforms all our lives, where creativity is a sin. We are in a world of inequality and insecurity. I do not want to live in a world like this, I think it doesn't represent the next generations. With power comes responsibility. The world of fashion has the responsibility and the duty to represent the beauty of each person. Diversity and independence need to be supported to represent the magnificent spectrum of every individual in our world." Nathalie Ballout